«Admiral» is customs and logistic company.

More than 20 years "Admiral" successfully carries out the activities for registration of freights as in the territory of the Bryansk region and across all Russia, and abroad. From the very beginning of activity of the firm and till today we adhere to the principle — "clients trust us, and we have no right to let them down". For this reason we work 24 hours per day without days off, understanding that it is important to our guarantors to receive the freights as fast as possible and with the minimum expenses.

The extremely advantageous geographical position distinguishes us from the competitors. The Bryansk region borders on Ukraine and Belarus. 2 federal highways pass through the area: The M3 "Ukraine" and M13 "Bryansk-Gomel", the international airport is situated here. Distance to Moscow is 350 km. In the city of Bryansk the railway station “Bryansk-Lgovsky” (28 cargo ways), one of the largest on the western border, is located. Such border situation gives the chance of providing warehouse services right after customs registration of goods, consolidation of freights with the subsequent sending to all regions of the country.


Our services:

We are ready to offer the partner a full complex of services, the worked out logistic schemes. Considering an escalating role of logistics, we offer our clients the maximum complex of services, including «to a terminal point»:

  • maintenance of contracts;
  • organization of cargo delivery, including organization of multimodal transportations;
  • complex customs registration of a car - an avia - floating and railway cargoes (including customs cleaning of freights);
  • insurance of freights;
  • delivery of goods to any region;
  • distribution from a warehouse complex: local delivery on the macro region;
  • leasing of warehouse spaces;
  • we render a full complex of services concerning such specific group of goods as medicines. The warehouse logistics of medicines takes a special place.
    It is caused:

    - specifics of goods;
    - special storage conditions;
    - requirements imposed to the personnel;
    - high social responsibility;
    - need to have the corresponding licenses and permissions;

  • one of the directions of our work is pharmaceutical activity. Possessing all necessary allowing documents, the licensed pharmaceutical warehouse we can offer participants of the pharmaceutical market a full complex of services in this direction:

    - delivery of medicines;
    - taking samples and tests;
    - customs registration of medicines;
    - storage of medicines after their release in free circulation in a pharmaceutical warehouse;
    - transportation of medicines, and also distribution from a warehouse complex;

Strategy of the company:

The nowadays situation is always to keep up to date and on a step ahead, using in the activity modern innovations, advanced technologies and methods of management.

Each employee has all necessary knowledge and skills; the staff of the company passes compulsory education; annually there takes place certification in all divisions of the company for further development of the personnel and improvement of the represented service of the company.

We can guarantee available quotations on all range of services as we are aimed at long-term cooperation, but not at enrichment.

The rendered services are based on individual needs of each client and have to surpass their expectations.

If you look for the reliable partner who performs high-quality and professional warehouse works, renders logistic services, and also services in customs cleaning of freights, appreciates time and money of the clients and practices an individual approach, «Admiral» is your best choice!

Feel free to contact us and examine the professionalism of our employees, quality of service and availability of the prices!

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