Customs registration of freights

The geographical position of the Bryansk region makes it the optimum region for passing of customs on border and promotes its active conducting foreign economic activity. The Admiral company offers such service as customs registration. Bryansk and other regional cities, and also the companies located across all Russia choose cooperation with our organization thanks to:

  • Accelerated maintaining all customs procedures.

    We seek to optimize time expenditure on customs registration of goods. It borrows no more than one day, and a customs procedure of export – only 4 hours. It allows our clients not to waste time on passing of borders, to observe contractual obligations before foreign contractors and to build effective logistic schemes.
  • Usage of modern decisions for achievement of the best result.

    Electronic customs declaring, application of IT technologies allow the Admiral company to simplify and accelerate many procedures of cleaning of freights.
  • Individual approach to the solution of each task without involvement of the client.

    "Admiral" offers turnkey services and assumes all customs registration with preparation of necessary documents, since definition of a code of freight and finishing with communication with the staff of customs. The specialist in customs registration is present at all necessary procedures (for example, examination of freights).
  • Favorable cost of customs registration.

    The Admiral Company seeks to make the services not only qualitative, but also available both to major companies, and the small companies that need single deliveries of freights.

Customs services from experts

Passing customs is a difficult procedure on which the carrier can waste both time, and money therefore many companies prefer not to deal with these issues independently and to entrust them to the professional broker.

The Admiral company offers a full complex of the services connected with declaring of any kinds of goods. The address to us allows clients to be confident in the correct registration of all related documents (declarations and permissions), their registration and successful passing customs borders.

If you need this service, please contact us by phones, fax or e-mail. It is also possible to ask additional questions by means of an online-communication form.

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