Pharmaceutical activity

Import of medicines is of great importance for economy and health care and occupies a big share in the general import of goods. However implementation of warehouse processing and temporary storage of medicines, including on procedure of conditional release, and also tests and samples is possible only in the warehouses meeting the requirements established by Rules of storage of medicines or functioning in structure of the licensed pharmaceutical warehouses.

The customs and logistic complex of a class "A" of JSC Admiral at the Bryansk international airport represents WTS and the licensed pharmaceutical warehouse located at the address: Bryansk region, Bryansk area, vl. Oktyabrsky. Total area makes 5000 sq.m: 1800 sq.m of them are WTS.

The object is in 160 km from border of the Russian Federation and has optimum transport availability:

  • three federal highways M3, M13, A 141;
  • Bryansk-Lgovsky railway junction;
  • the airway of P22 connecting Russia with Eastern Europe.

Storage of medicines on a customs and logistic complex is organized in strict accordance with Rules of storage of the medicines approved by the order of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation No. 706n of 23.08.2010.

The activity on the warehouse complex is carried out by our qualified specialists.

Our warehouse is equipped with the specialized terminal which provides convenient and fast unloading and loading of goods in the vehicle, and it also has all modern equipment.

On our warehouse complex the quality management system is introduced and effectively works. We work on the warehouse complex according to the requirement, established by the international GDP standards (94/C63/03 03 "Guidelines on Good Distribution Practice of Medicinal Products for Human Use), ISO and the legislation of the Russian Federation.

We offer the following services on a warehouse complex:

  • processing and responsible storage of medicines which customs registration isn't complete (on the basis of the certificate on inclusion in the register of owners of warehouses of temporary storage No. 10102/240214/20051/3), with the net volume of storage of 6365,55 cubic meters, and useful area of the open area of 171 sq.m;
  • responsible storage and transportation of the medicines which are let out in free circulation at the demanded temperature conditions (on the basis of the license);
  • rent of the free areas.


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