Warehouse of responsible storage

Responsible storage assumes temporary transfer of freights with ensuring their full safety and security. It can be provided for various terms depending on needs of clients. The Admiral company has opportunity to offer storage of freights in a warehouse thanks to:

  • a large and modern the equipped warehouse. Now we are the operator of a warehouse complex of a class "A" with a total area of 23 000 sq.m. Warehouse provide optimum conditions for safety of any, even non-standard, freights.
  • convenient geographical position. The direct proximity to customs freights allows us to work with them at once after cleaning passes. Further consolidation and sending to any point of the country by car, avia  or railway transport is possible.
  • Automation and transparency of all warehouse operations. Use of modern IT solutions allows our employees to trace instantly any operations with freights of our clients.

Services of storage and their feature

 Warehouse services assume not only transfer of freights, but also responsibility for them. The Admiral company guarantees safety of goods and their protection against force majeur circumstances.

 As a result rent of a warehouse in Bryansk becomes the attractive decision as for the major companies that need regular placement of goods and for the companies interested in rare or single deliveries of freights.

Rent of warehouse and additional services from "Admiral"

 Among the advantages of working with the Admiral company is also a wide range of additional services, among which:

  •  Carrying out loading and unloading works.

    Existence of the special equipment allows us not only to realize such service as rent as a warehouse, but also to carry out the automated and manual loading and unloading with ensuring full safety of freights.

  •  Repacking of freight, pallets formation (if necessary).

    For further safe storage or transportation of freights we offer services in their repacking and formation a pallet with use of modern packing materials (packaging films, an adhesive tape).

 Rent of a warehouse assumes possibility of granting all necessary materials for further work with freights (for example, pallets). Warehousing can be added as well with transportation of freight by specialists of our company.






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