Warehouse of temporary storage

During customs registration there appears the need of storage of the goods which are under customs control. It is so because the preparation of documents for declaration of goods, obtaining permissions and certificates, verification of the customs declaration demands certain time.

The Warehouse of Temporary Storage (WTS) is the specially allocated and equipped room where goods and vehicles are located (on temporary storage under customs control) from the moment of representation to customs authority and before their release.

Our warehouse of temporary storage:

  • is near frontier, and the concept of development of WTS  is constructed according to "Strategy of development of customs service of the Russian Federation till 2020", "The external economic strategy of the Russian Federation till 2020” and another program documents;
  • has a convenient entrance and the equipped stage for carrying out unloading and loading operations;
  • is in sufficient proximity from transport knots and highways (M13 Bryansk-Gomel-Brest, M3 Ukraine, A141 Orel-Bryansk-Smolensk-Vitebsk);
  • works seven days a week ;
  • has the management that interacts with customs authorities of the Russian Federation;
  • has the qualified personnel: each employee has all necessary knowledge and skills; the staff of the company passes compulsory education; annually there takes place certification in all divisions of the company for further development of the personnel and improvement of the represented service of the company;
  • has available quotations on all range of services as we are aimed at long-term cooperation, but not at enrichment.


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